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Whether it's becoming a Private Pilot or Professional Commercial Pilot, CFI, CFII. Direct Aviation offers the training you need to reach your aviation goals.

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About Direct Aviation

Direct Aviation is a full service flight training center located at KPWT, Bremerton National Airport in Bremerton, WA.  We are a Class E Airspace operating around and through the class Bravo of Seattle International Airport.

Direct Aviation is a Part 61 flight training school, which means its program can be customized for unexpected weather or maintenance issues and not slow down your training progress.  We utilize the Jeppesson ground and flight syllabus with some added parts and pieces from Ralph Bucher.  He has a few training tips and ideas that we feel really help students understand flying an airplane.

Find our Instructor Rates and Airplane Rental rates here.

Financing is available through Pilot Finance; click here.

Direct Aviation has the unique opportunity of working with Mokulele Airlines to provide a flow through training program in preparation for your advancement to the commercial airlines. 

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